A good girl group is a girl group that girls will also like.

A good girl group is a girl group that girls will also like.
Girls know best whether the girls can do it or not.

it's strange that all the people who say these words are girls.

there is a particularly apt comment to explain this phenomenon, she said, "I practice the first episode of the show girl to enter the palace, while the first episode of 101is like a gang fight."

it's easy to verify this sentence, and you can get a general idea from the beginning.

this is the way to say hello in 101.

in fact, when they entered the field, it was still dark. Several girls who had never seen such a big stage were a little flustered and cautious.

in terms of their attitude towards the competition alone, these girls seem to be more committed and more able to feel.

but can it also be a girls' group?

because even if it is different, it can be established.

but of course, it's not enough to be different. If you want to be likable, you have to be different.

before you do this, you must be aware of yourself, which is both your weakness and your own characteristics.

A very sunny and lovely name, the chubby face may have been praised by many people in life, but in such a program, sunny girls alone are not enough, because there are too many girls who are more beautiful, harder and more talented.

seeing her is like seeing ourselves.

after all, she has mediocre talent, mediocre figure, and even the company is mediocre. Temporary self-blackening may ease anxiety, but in a long-term program, even if others see it too much, they want to win and break out among a group of beautiful girls. there's really no other way but to work hard.

she knows this very well, otherwise she wouldn't have painstakingly painted shadow powder on her legs before playing.

they not only know their shortcomings, but also know what they envy and what they can't.

some people envy that other people's clothes look good.

there is a girl named Fu Jing who takes the initiative to take the first place. Her teammates are sitting under several rows, a more secure seat, and she is the only one who has the ambition to take the first seat.

so they will praise her courage,

but they will not say that they envy her courage, because it is not like a high-end costume or the size of an agency, which can not be obtained by envy and hard work.

she is not the strongest on the team, and she was not rated in Class A when she performed later, but she knows that in such a competition based on voting, strength is on the one hand, and more importantly, to be remembered.

Smart people always attract attention.

if Fu Jing's difference lies in courage and wisdom, then another even different contestant is the rap player, yamy, who is said by the program group that she is not the looks of the women's team.

what type is she?

the word meat-eating Tang monk is very well used. She wrote it herself. There is also such a word in that song:

being too old is a tragedy.

just let me set a rule.

everywhere you go is like home.

so when she was asked to grab the top 11 seats, even though the background was filled with fear and rejection of this position-grabbing system, she still looked calm and walked up to the target as if wandering around and told her that

was a gift. Yamy had it, she knew she had it, and she knew how to use it, so she won.

because a group called Top 1931 made the mistake mentioned earlier.

they were unwilling, and when they saw their friends crying, they became even more confident.

"what can't be said? it's already on the show. What else can't you say? did you sign a contract? we also signed a contract, so we can only say that we are in the top 1931."

because before you are not strong enough, you deserve any suffering, because people with stronger strength are also suffering. The girl Jessica practiced for seven years, which is the longest on the team. But in the early morning, she was told by the members and the company that she was no longer a member of the team. Who was she going to complain to?

feel that he is very bumpy, so unlike others, this has always been an illusion that he is bent on going his own way. complaining seriously is unlikable.

people often say that you should be self-aware. The implication is to weigh yourself and don't always want too much.

it's for this reason that when the only abby left in 3shine offered to withdraw, my first feeling was disappointment.

such a person can often make the most surprising results, but she only wants to give up because of it.

instead of being as timid as now, a few words "different" and "inappropriate" will allow yourself to escape from the pressure. And those who do not know how to seize the opportunity, no matter how special, will not have a chance to win.

actually, it's a bit of a pity to tell the truth, because even if abby takes such a day of class, she probably won't want to quit the game.

in the second issue, a girl named Li Zixuan, who attracted a lot of attention, was noticed not because she was bold, but precisely because she was timid.

ella didn't scold her, but just joked her and helped her figure out a way to try on her sunglasses.Try it, other girls also cheer for her, only to find that she sings very well.

ella is Li Zixuan's Bole, but she is also a Chollima once buried.

maybe it's because of this that ella is very tired of discovering potential girls. She wants to form a girls' group that all girls want to be, because at the beginning of S.H.E, there were more than 70% female fans.

take S.H.E as an example. One of its distinctive features is that all three people are "different".

ella is a bit boyish, hebe is gentle, selina is sweet and lovely, not only their appearance, but their voice is also very different, so their voices can be easily distinguished in each song, probably because they are not as popular as they were at that time, but everyone's similar black astringency will die without a disease.

Go for wedding dresses for big bust to bring out your charm and your natural beauty. There are perfect pieces for formal and informal events.

the implication is that the market is in the doldrums, and women's groups should cater more to men's aesthetics.

because girls hate stylized, pipelined things more than boys, they like new ideas, like texture, like to try.

so is it difficult for girls to like to say, because the hard conditions such as appearance do not absolutely determine the direction of the answer, but it is also difficult for them to like it, because although you can be yourself, and you have to do your best.

on the contrary, if you want to go on for a long time, the first idea you have to abandon is to cater to a particular person.

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