A cold boy with milkshake flavor.

A cold boy with milkshake flavor.
Aloof boy quotation: why bully me? whoo!

my aloof boyfriend always does this, admonishing everyone he works with.

I have seen some photos of him with others, with the same poker face. I tried to suggest that when he took pictures with others, he could smile a little to make him look kinder.

but the more I get along, the more I realize that the guy smells like milkshake, a mixture of milk, fruit and ice.

"they often bring their own sense of embarrassment."

move quickly, tap the keyboard flexibly with your fingers, swipe to switch pages on the control panel, occasionally shake your legs and shake your head to the music, but there is almost no extra action.

so every time he works, I will change into a sensible and quiet girlfriend.

as soon as he put it on, he took it off and looked at me with disdain: "the sound quality of this headset is so bad that I don't know which song it is. I suggest you stop using it."

he slowly put it on: "No, I need a quiet world."

the cold boy tastes like milk.

"I smelled mellow and crispy milk on his neck."

Twenty minutes later, he suddenly called me and asked me where I was.

I said I didn't do anything and asked him what was wrong.

I was about to say that I was right here, and I heard him add: "I can't even see you when I look up. You've been gone for a long time."

before he finished speaking, he didn't know when he had got up and went to the room. I bumped into him at the door just two steps away.

he bent over, my head was stuck on his shoulder, and my face was buried right next to his neck.

but I soon woke up from the softness of the hug, pulled him back to the living room and sat next to him, and he put on headphones and concentrated on writing.

I like the way they show their hearts, which is the kind of straightforward expression with no rotten stem and no superfluous words.

but even so, aloof boys can easily lose half of you.

this is probably the reason why aloof boys never know how to be too sweet in love, but they often make their girlfriends excited.

I heard that hitting on an aloof boy is the easiest way to have a sense of satisfaction.

Cool boys generally have some stronger ability than their peers, so that they can maintain their aloof temperament without being excluded and rejected.

of course, it is impossible for women in the new era to be obedient, not for the rest of their lives.

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just when I was moved, he held up his umbrella and said: "you are too short."

after that, he asked me: "do you know what it's like to be spoiled?"

under my long-standing policy of violence, he usually nodded desperately and said, "I know too much."

imagine that when you stare at him, the arrogant and cold boy who kills all sides outside chooses to surrender immediately and even occasionally throws a smile in front of you, such as "Why did you bully me and whine" . The huge contrast and cuteness will double the satisfaction of victory in place.

the types of smiles of aloof boys are very few.