A Cantonese with no feelings.

A Cantonese with no feelings.

has suddenly become an adjective. Just mentioning "Cantonese" is like mentioning a mysterious organization.

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1, indeed, Cantonese have no feelings when it comes to eating.

only 100% Cantonese will answer you "familiar".

later I learned that the window was open and the owl didn't come in for fear of being eaten by us Cantonese.

the next day, he stewed the turtle.

but no one believed him, and they all thought he was waiting to get fat before eating.

"eating turtles" is not a particularly shocking thing to be searched for in Guangdong.

and we really don't have any special preference for eating Hu Jianren.

if you don't believe me, we all grew up eating "cooking rice".

I also wrote in my last article that before the typhoon, my boyfriend and I went to the supermarket to stock up on goods. In fact, it was only one day after the typhoon, and we probably only stocked up food for a week.

people from other provinces say, thank God, there is finally something that Cantonese don't eat, and that is chili.

every time I go to Chongqing to eat hot pot and order mandarin duck pot, my boss concludes, "Hey, Cantonese!"

what originally made me proud is that we Chaoshan people can be regarded as Guangdong people who can eat spicy food a little.

also, every time we go to Chongqing to eat hot pot, we are bound to have diarrhea. I have launched this experiment in my circle of friends.

the most common thing I've heard mothers say at home since childhood is, "you can't eat this, it's easy to get angry" and "come on, I made you herbal tea."

3, Guangdong girls are made of milk tea.

4, Cantonese are very optimistic.

We all climb trees to go to work after the typhoon.

5, Cantonese are usually very quiet.

people who don't post moments usually post two moments on average that day.

my Unicom also seems to be very coquettish:)

6, Cantonese have beliefs.

whether they are old people or children, we wash dishes from chopsticks, spoons, rice bowls, seasoning bowls, tea cups and wine cups.

even if the bowls and chopsticks are just taken out of the disinfection cabinet, they should be scalded with hot water.

in the relationship between men and women, it also has the effect of distinguishing whether a boy is reliable and whether a girl is virtuous or not.

A Guangdong 18-line emotional blogger once said that a Guangdong boy who helps you wash dishes does not necessarily love you, but a Guangdong boy who does not help you wash dishes must not be worthy of your love.

Please witness this sacred ceremony