25 years old, fighting for the life you want.

25 years old, fighting for the life you want.
If you feel a little tired, too.

turned around and found that it was two students who had been taking pictures of the glass of Frappuccino in their hands.

one of them deliberately moved the logo a little bit to make the picture look less deliberate.

when you saw this move, you couldn't help laughing.


while wearing the new Apple headphones all the time, it's just to make it easier to hear the voice calls of your boss and colleagues.

anything, once it has something to do with making money, it's hard to be romantic.

and you finally understand that in a first-tier city where income can't keep up with desire:

We just live the life we once wanted, but not the life we want now.

seeing here, you probably know that she is living a good little life in her hometown, comfortable and easy to be satisfied with.

but you don't understand, because in your memory, this old friend is excellent in all aspects and is willing to invest in himself.

in short, it doesn't seem like a person who will be happy by saving money.

but if you don't have time to think about it, the sign-in software will remind you that you will be late in three minutes.

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you sighed: even love is in a hurry.

so, even if life in the five rings is what we expect, we should not let material desire distort our understanding of the nature of life.

maybe the evening wind blew a little above. I couldn't help feeling:

"I haven't walked so slowly for a long time. "

your friends know what you mean and know that you are not talking about the present, but the pace of your life.

Illustration /Sunrise Xiao Ming

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